2018 Allocations



Rotary Club Of Palatine 2018 Allocation Application

The Rotary Club of Palatine is currently accepting applications from organizations requesting donations from the club.

The Allocation Committee will begin reviewing applications on January 16, 2018. All applications must be received by January 15, 2018. Applications can be submitted online (below), by emailing the completed PDF application to allocations@palatinerotary.org, or by mailing the completed PDF application to:

Rotary Club of Palatine
Allocation Committee
PO Box 412
Palatine, IL 60078.

Applications cannot be hand delivered.

The Rotary Club of Palatine prefers to provide funding to organizations that support the direct Palatine community and are 501(c)(3) organizations.

The official Allocation Distribution Ceremony will be held on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at Falcon Park Recreation Center (The Falcon Room, 2195 N. Hicks Road, Palatine) between 6PM and 9PM. Notification of acceptance will be delivered via email about 2 weeks prior to the ceremony.

The Rotary Club Of Palatine meets every Tuesday at 7:15 AM at The Red Apple, 2121 Plum Grove Road in Palatine. For more information visit the club online at www.PalatineRotary.com or www.facebook.com/Rotary-Club-of-Palatine-57707637615/


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